Kobe Bryant — Los Angeles Lakers

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Derrick Rose looking like he didn’t go through 2012 and 2013

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I hope they go 0-16 and move to london

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fuck ur dreams kid

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I just don’t get some NBA critics. They said Kevin Love is better to have now than Andrew Wiggins because Love is proven, but also criticize their lack of defensive playmakers. Now, who was considered a solid defensive player, despite his other flaws? Oh right, Andrew Wiggins. Make up your mind people.

I agree. I think some people just like to criticize just to do it. Love is proven but what has he proved for their franchise? But nobody should be bitter about it. I think the trade is gonna end up being good for everyone. The Cavs get the talent they need to automatically be a contender. The Wolves get fresh, young talent that could probably take them further than what they were gonna get with just the Love-Rubio combo. Love finally becomes the complimentary player he NEEDS to be, instead of being a teams best player. Wiggins gets his start fresh and won’t play in a superstar’s shadow. Bennett starts with a new team. Rubio has a LOT of young players to pass to. It just works great for everyone. If all of them play to their full potential a lineup of Rubio-Wiggins-Young-Bennett-Pekovic would be scary as early as this year or next year. They could also run a lineup of Rubio-LaVine-Wiggins-Young-Pekovic. Either way, this team is scary for the future.


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