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So some of you may have seen or hear about SI Top 100 List…..im just now hearing about it, screenandroll brought it to my attention.

I’ll start out by saying Serge made it in 19th place Russ made 4th behind CP3 and KD made 2nd behind Lebron. Now I know that Lebron is better overall player…

YES! I mean you can make the argument for LeBron and KD either way, but I think KD has the torch now. BUT. Russell Westbrook is the best guard in the NBA. It’s not even about stats anymore (Even though Russell’s are definitely there), it’s about what each player means to their individual team. 

FIRST OF ALL. ON PAPER who has the better team? Clippers or Thunder? The fucking Clippers do. Both teams have 2 top 10 players. Then the Thunder have Ibaka and Reggie Jackson. The Clippers have/had Deandre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, Darren Collison, JJ Reddick, Danny Granger, Matt Barnes, Glen Davis, Spencer Hawes. A bunch of players who have proved they can play in the NBA. They had a deep ass team with a bunch of talent. The Thunder on the other hand had 4 core players. 4. Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, and Jackson. That’s it. The emergence of Adams doesn’t compare to the talent that the Clippers have. Oh what else? THE CLIPPERS HAVE ARGUABLY THE BEST COACH IN THE NBA. But who won the playoff series? The Clippers? NO.The fucking Thunder. Why? They were carried by who? Durant and Westbrook. But Chris Paul has a better team and apparently is the better player? Why did they lose? Why has he never been to the conference finals? Why is Westbrook the difference between OKC losing in the 2nd round or being in the Finals? Why is Chris Paul the difference between the Clippers losing in the first round… or losing in the first round? Like they’ve made the 2nd round. (Got lucky to my Grizzlies in 2012 because Z-bo was injured). Then in 2013 they lost in the first round again (To my Grizzlies). lmao. Then last year once again they barely skidded by the Warriors. Actually, I’ve got a really good last question. Why has Westbrook been in the Finals but CP3 hasn’t been to a conference finals? Better team, better coach, BETTER FUCKING CITY. It’s funny how niggas HATE Melo but LOVE CP3. They make all types of excuses for CP3 but bash Melo as quick as they can. Man look, at the end of the day Russell is better than CP3 AND he’s the third best player in the NBA. 



I didn’t mean average in the literal sense of the word, I used it to compare the fact that Britney Griner being 6’8” makes her a match-up nightmare for pretty much anybody in the WNBA that height alone would be nothing to write home about as an NBA scout. They’ve had 6’8 point guards in the NBA. 

But the point still remains that women couldn’t make it into the NBA. You could put the best WNBA player up against a D-League player and the smart money is on him 10/10 times.

Ranked highschool player is good enough.

I’ve always liked discussions like this. And i partially agree. But there are a couple of super talented WNBA players that I KNOW could definitely give some d-league players some go. Maybe even a couple of current bench players. Like Patty Mills vs Diana Taurasi. Or Maya Moore vs Aaron Brooks. What about players like Ty Lawson or Nate Robinson. Not too sure if they could lock down Elena Delle Donne or someone. It does take the BEST women to beat an average, or below average male but it can be done. But when it comes down to it, men are bigger, stronger, and faster than women ballers, but that’s just biology. 

SI.com's Top 100 NBA players of 2015

I mean, go ahead and have fun with it. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t. 


The latest trailer for the NBA 2K15 video game features cover star Kevin Durant helping to introduce NBA 2KTV, “an innovative, player-focused, in-game broadcast program coming to the next-generation and PC versions” of the wildly-popular franchise.

Rachel A DeMita will be the host of the show.

But do any of my followers wanna catch this dub tho. I’m droppin 50 with Curry this year. 

But that’s no knock on Tim Duncan. I’ll never diss a hall of famer like SI did Melo. 

I can’t even take them seriously. They got Tim Duncan as number 5…. But I mean, I get that… Tim Duncan’s my number 5 too…. ON MY ALL TIME LIST. WTF NIGGA IT’S 2014 NOT 2004. 

What made it so bad is their reasoning.
-Anthony has yet to show that he’s capable of making the leap from “elite offensive talent” to “transformational two-way player.”
What? Who has? Jordan, Kobe, LeBron? Lmao. Once in a generation players? Are you seriously going to knock him from being the top 10 THIS YEAR just because he’s not one of the best ever? And actually, Melo had his best defensive season of his career this year. 
-his individual dominance wasn’t sufficient to lift the Knicks out of a season so wretched that it cost coach Mike Woodson his job
You know.. I never knew that good players can’t be on bad teams. How can you blame one player for an entire 12-man roster plus a coach’s job? Woodson should’ve fucking had them playing D, that’s HIS specialty NOT Melo’s. Where was JR? Felton? Bargnani? Oh. Being weak af. 
-Of the top 20 players on SI.com’s “Top 100 Players of 2015” list, only Anthony Davis, who was 20 years old for most of last season, lost more games than Anthony.
And? What’s your point? Back to my last point, can a good player not be on a bad team? How many players in the top 15 have even sniffed the conference finals? Not Curry, Not Aldridge, Not Harden, Not Griffin… But Melo has. And those people had far better teams than Melo. SI’s reasoning is illogical throughout all of their statements. They bring up defense but Love and Curry are ranked ahead of Carmelo…. Stop. I understand Curry being ahead of him, but by SI’s logic, Kevin Love should be ranked below Melo. Kevin Love hasn’t won shit. And he’s worse defensively than Melo. Like, come on man wtf. 

No, real shit. They’re bogus af for that.